Delivering Visions 

Dynamic Build is a forward thinking contractor optimising offsite and modular methodologies to fast track the delivery of architect designed buildings that positively impact living, learning and the environment. 

Change isn't coming it's already here! 

We are helping more and more people and organisations unlock the benefits of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) by removing many of the perceived barriers to selecting MMC.  


No requirement to learn about the limitations of specific systems or design to a grid. Focus on designing creative, inspirational and healthly spaces. 


We have proven that our offsite and modular approach is viable on all sizes of buildings with our costs typically similar to traditional methods of construction.  


Our senior team have over 40 years of industry experience and we are happy to knowledge share and support our clients every step of the way. 

About Us 

We bring a people first approach and over 40 years of market leading offsite, modular and construction experience to transform your next construction project.  

 Ready to talk about your project? 

Ready to talk about your project? 

Customer Service & Experiences 

"We are proud of the inspirational setting that was created in such a short period of time and I would recommend the Dynamic team to anybody who requires a new eco-friendly building." 
Mark V - Wendy House Nursery 

Journey to Zero 

At Dyanmic Build sustainability is not an option it's built in as standard! We've always built sustainably with practical experience from delivering low energy, BREEAM and Passivhaus buildings. 
The UK's 2050 net zero target is encouraging more people to explore the benefits that our approach to construction and technology can bring to their project. 

Delivering more than buildings 

We deliver buildings that enhance the users experience we inspire pupils and students, improve family lifestyles, accelerate construction and help to reduce carbon. 





Recent Projects 

Every building is different! We put our clients at the heart of every project to ensure that we understand and reflect the vision with dynamic results. 

Latest News & Views 

We actively promote Modern Methods of Construction, share our news and stories, participate in leading events and support the communities where we operate. 
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