Supporting the housing crisis 

We deliver safe, comfortable and rapid to deploy homes to support homeless people or people at risk of becoming homeless. 

Optimising Construction 

Build Faster 

Modern methods to reduce disruption and enable faster occupation 

Build Better 

Quality homes for all with safe and comfortable living environments  

Build Greener 

Eco-friendly and low carbon for a better future and reduced bills 

The Solution 

We deliver modern, fast track homes that provide safe homes, dignity, independence and significantly reduce the costs of accommodation when compared to other solutions. 
Our approach to project delivery also limits disruption to the local community during the construction phase. 

70 Apartments, Milton Keynes 

Working with Quinn Groundworks & Construction and Mears Group we delivered the modular element of this project. 
This is a multi-storey and relocatable project with low running costs and the flexibility to add or remove floors and be re-used in another location. 

Our Services 

We operate as a specialist delivery partner or principle contractor to meet the specific needs of each client. 

Turnkey Delivery 

Integrated MMC service from pre-construction to completion 

MMC Delivery Partner 

Delivering modular (category 1) and panelised (category 2) systems  

 Ready to discuss your project? 

Ready to discuss your project? 


Sustainability to the core 

We have developed an expertise for delivering energy efficient homes. 
Environmentally friendly and economical with a low impact  
Highly energy efficient with a focus on carbon emissions 
Ultra energy efficient with comfort, health and low carbon 

Our Projects 

We're delivering innovative offsite and modular spaces where people and communities thrive. 
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