Supporting the housing crisis 

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) is ideal for airspace developments due to its efficiency, reduced on-site disruption, precision and lightweight technology on existing buildings. 

Optimising Construction 

Build Faster 

Modern methods to reduce disruption and enable faster occupation 

Build Better 

Quality homes for all with safe and comfortable living environments  

Build Greener 

Eco-friendly and low carbon for a better future and reduced bills 

Airspace Solution 

The UK's urban centers are facing a housing shortage and a lack of available land for new construction. 
By utilising the unused vertical space above existing buildings, developers can create much-needed additional homes without the need for new land or demolishing buildings. 

Airspace and MMC 

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) offers significant benefits for airspace developments:  
faster project completion 
reduced disruption 
enhanced quality control 


Delivering Offsite Structures 


Delivering New Build and Expansions 

 Ready to discuss your project? 

Ready to discuss your project? 


Sustainability to the core 

We have developed an expertise for delivering energy efficient homes. 
Environmentally friendly and economical with a low impact  
Highly energy efficient with a focus on carbon emissions 
Ultra energy efficient with comfort, health and low carbon 

Our Projects 

We're delivering innovative offsite and modular spaces where people and communities thrive. 
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