Flexible Solutions 

Dynamic Build Group optimises a number of leading offsite manufactured systems to offer flexibility, sustainability and a faster return on investment. 

Dynamic Benefits 

Cost & Time Efficiency 

Competitve costs and streamlining construction 


Solutions to meet architects designs 


Approved and accredited systems 

Structure Partner 

WWe deliver superstructures using timber, steel, woodcrete, glulams, and other products. Our superstructure service offers  
design for manufacture and assembly 
supply and install 
project management 

Do you need help with delivering a superstructure? Our experts are available to help you at any stage.   


SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels are a premium high performance building system that we utiise to create insulated wall and roof structures. 

Timber Frame 

Modern timber frame is one of the most economical building systems and is widely utilised across multiple sectors. 
Prefabricated timber frame wall system offers a viable, fast track alternative to traditionally constructed walls. 


Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) is a strong, durable offsite system for the delivery of flexible, cost competitive structures. 

Sustainability to the core 

We select eco-friendly materials and reduce carbon to limit the impact of construction on our environment. 
Maximising the energy efficiency of the building envelope  
Highly energy efficient with a focus on carbon emissions 
Ultra energy efficient with a focus on comfort and health 


We have successfully delivered schemes ranging from standardised classrooms to highly bespoke homes and complexed rooftop teaching spaces with a range of leading offsite manufactured systems. 

Customer Service & Experiences 

"Dynamic provided the experience, support and services required for our first Modern Methods of Construction Development. The project also included some late changes after the manufacture period which was incorporated into the project we will definitely work with Dynamic in the future" 
Developer - West Midlands 

Let's get started! 

It is easy to contact us. 
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Telephone: 0121 724 0099  
Email: info@dynamicbuilduk.com 
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