Simplifying self builds 

Dynamic Build deliver comfortable, sustainable, individually designed homes with the proven benefits of modern methods of construction (MMC): shorter build times, reduced disruption, less waste onsite, predictable programmes and a lot more! 

Delivering more than a place to live! 

We work closely with you to build your vision starting with a "fabric first" approach to deliver better homes with excellent levels of insulation, air tightness and energy efficiency. 

Developed for Self Builders 

Rapid Build 

We spend very little time onsite to help you create you vision 


Healthy & comfortable for enhanced living environments 

Low Energy 

Reducing fuel bills and conserving energy for a low carbon world 


Helping to protect the environment for future generations 

Dynamic Eco Homes 

Whether your a new or experienced self builder we provide the level of service that you require at each stage of the project. 
Our starting point is to deliver your SIPs, timber frame or hybrid structure with additional services available to help you complete your dream home. 
Please take a look at some of our work across the residential sector. 

 Interested in how we can help? 

Interested in how we can help? 


MMC Specialists 

Our proven "Kit of Parts" platform includes Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), timber frame, oak frame and glulams to meet your architectural design, specification and budget. 

Enhanced living 

Our focus is to deliver sustainable homes in faster and better ways that will enhance the lives of people and families.  
Airtight building fabric 
Lower heating costs 
Highly insulated homes 
Move in quicker 
Complete design freedom 
Easy to adapt or extend 

Dynamic Projects 


Let's get started! 

Please put a call into our team, send us an email or you can contact us through our website. 
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