Providing complete peace of mind 

Dynamic Build bring a wealth of experience and a "complete delivery" approach to delivering offsite and modular buildings. 

Providing complete peace of mind 

Dynamic Build bring a wealth of experience and a "complete delivery" approach to delivering offsite and modular buildings. 

The Dynamic Way 

Knowledge Sharing 

40+ years of combined offsite, modular and construction experience 

Unrivalled Flexibility 

We develop solutions to meet your exact design, specification and budget 

Building Better 

Enhancing well-being, sustainability and energy efficiency 

Exceptional Value 

High quality with reduced build, operating and maintenance costs 

Transforming Modular Construction 

Saving Time 

Fast tracked with significantly less time onsite, deliveries and noise. 

Reduced Costs 

Early engagement has delivered cost savings of up to 25% 

Enhancing Well-being 

Optimising natural light, air quality, comfort and acoustics 

Improving Sustainability 

Limiting carbon (CO2), materials, waste and energy consumption. 

Simplifying Construction 

Design (DfMA): we model every element to optimise procurement, manufacture, construction and operational performance.  
Manufacture: our offsite division and partnerships with "world class" partners is key to our dynamic solutions. 
Construction: seamlessly managing the offsite manufacturing and onsite construction to improve outcomes.  

Dynamic Latest Projects 

Low Energy Home 
Golf Pavilion 
Modern Home  
Eco Home 
With a shell build we deliver the structural shell of your home with the foundations, structure, external walls and roof coverings all within one package. 


Passivhaus buildings provide a exceptional occupant comfort using very little energy for heating and cooling. 


BREEAM is a leading sustainability assessment method for energy, waste, pollution, materials and management.  

Roof works 

Net zero offers carbon emissions for the construction and in our case operation of zero or negative. 


Our Expertise 

We're early adopters who have kept pace with all forms of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). 


Building Better 


Complete Delivery 

        Eco Classrooms 

Learning Spaces 

        Modular Buildings 

Transforming Modular  

        Self Builds 

Healthy Homes 

        Design (DfMA) 

Optimised Solutions 

Dynamic Latest Projects 

Low Energy Home 
Golf Pavilion 
Modern Home  
Eco Home 

        Design (DfMA) 

Our specialist Design for Manufacture and Assembly solutions are transforming construction. 


Optimised kit of parts, manufacture and assembly of superstructures with unrivalled flexibility. 


We seamlessly link offsite and onsite activities with turnkey solutions that improve outcomes. 

Modular Nursery 


Modular Classrooms 


School Extensions 


Leisure Buildings 


Housing Developments 


Individual Homes 

Design, manufacture and install olow carbon structures 
Delivering offsite and modular nursery and classrooms 
Delivering offsite and modern methods of construction homes 
Optimising the design and engineering of buildings 
Delivering specialist offsite & MMC solutions  

Design (DfMA) 

Our Design for Manufacture and Assembly process drives change with our specialist digital design and engineering services. 


Our kit of parts platform and experienced teams offer unrivalled flexibility for the supply and installation of bespoke structures. 

Dynamic Solutions 

Design for Manufacture & Assembly: optimise the manufacture, assembly and operation of buildings 
Structures: we design (DfMA), manufacture & install bespoke panelised (2D) systems to meet your vision and goals 
Construction: expertly integrating offsite & onsite construction to deliver low carbon homes and education buildings. 

Sustainability Built in 

We encourage the use of natural construction materials with a low environmental impact over the full life cycle of the building to help to protect our environment for future generations. 
Our ‘kit of parts’ platform maximises the performance of the components and materials that make up the building structure to reduce carbon emissions, capital and operational costs. 

Feasibility & Consultancy 

We share our knowledge, experience and resources to help you understand if modern methods of construction will improve your project outcomes.  

Design for Manufacture & Assembly  

Working digitally we optimise materials, simplify manufacture and assembly, reduce costs, improve safety and solve issues before starting onsite! 

Site Preparation 

We ensure that the site is prepared for the delivery and installation of the offsite manufactured systems with our team providing the required levels of service. 

Offsite Manufacturing 

Flexibility is the key! We manufacture timber, steel, SIPs, volumetric and hybrid systems to meet the specific demands of each project. 

Rapid Installation 

We seamlessly bring together offsite manufacturing and onsite construction with the speed of installation often surprising clients and the locals! 

Fast track Completion 

The rapid installation of the dry structure allows for the windows, electrics and other trades to start onsite site activities are co-ordinated by our project managers and monitored by our site managers to ensure on time delivery and exceptional quality. 
Specialist offsite & modern methods of construction group. 
Delivering the optimum offsite structure solutions 
Delivering offsite and modular nursery and classrooms 
Delivering offsite and modern methods of construction homes 
Optimising the design and engineering of buildings 


Through our Design for Manufacture & Assembly process we select the best methodology and optimise the manufacture, construction and operational performance of buildings. 
Our team work collaboratively to panelise (2D) or modularise (3D) buildings, provide u-values, condensation risks, programmes, cost plans & more. 


We manufacture timber engineered systems and provide complete flexibility by partnering with World Class manufacturers. 
We design (DfMA), manufacture and install low carbon structures including: SIPs, timber, steel and hybrid systems. 

Learning Spaces 

There is a genuine need to create additional learning spaces and replace many school buildings. 
We provide the complete turnkey service for modern, energy efficient learning environments with our completed projects ranging from single eco classrooms to multi-storey buildings. 

Eco Homes 

We combine manufacturing, digital and energy saving technology to deliver homes that enhance well-being, reduce living costs and are responsive to the local context 
Our design (DfMA), manufacture and build solution is simplifying and accelerating the construction of much needed new homes. 

Design for Manufacture & Assembly 

We work digitally with detailing, thermal and 3D modelling, energy performance and fabrication software. The integration of our design, manufacturing, installation and construction teams simplifies the construction of energy efficient buildings. 

Site Preparation 

We complete all site works including: demolition, reduced level digs, service runs, foundations and soakaways. 


We have the flexibility to supply our structures including floors, external and internal walls, roof and structural elements in both a panelised form (2D) or volumetric modules (3D). 


Our attention to detail at the design for manufacture and assembly stage helps us to plan and implement a smooth installation. The installation in either panelised (2D) or volumetric modular (3D) is fast, simplified and co-ordinated by you Dynamic Project Manager who works closely with you throughout the project. 


Our site based team complete the works with the benefit clear information and knowledge from working with modern systems. We can also include any landscaping or external works like canopies, car parking or play areas. 


We're integrating smart technology to add greater value across the life cycle of a dynamic building. Our Nextgen System records real time data that helps you to optimise the energy efficiency and management of your building. 

We Optimise Construction 

We integrate manufacturing, digital technology, sustainability and construction to optimise the delivery of low carbon buildings. 

Smart Design 

Optimise the building by breaking the structure into components 

Offsite Manufacture 

We manufacture offsite with panelised and volumetric modular solution  

Rapid Installation 

Site is prepared for the delivery and rapid installation of the structure 

Fast Track Completion 

Fast track completion of works onsite through to handover 

Simplifying Modern Methods of Construction 

We are helping more and more people and organisations unlock the benefits of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) by removing many of the perceived barriers to selecting MMC.  

Design Freedom 

No requirement to learn about the limitations of specific systems or design to a grid. Focus on designing creative, inspirational and healthly spaces. 


We have proven that our offsite and modular approach is viable on all sizes of buildings with our costs typically similar to traditional methods of construction.  


Our senior team have over 40 years of industry experience and we are happy to knowledge share and support our clients every step of the way. 

MMC Specialists 

Our unique approach to modern methods of construction (MMC) removes the limitations of building with one system and delivers the optimum building system or systems for each project. 

Fast Track Completion  

Projects delivered up to 50% faster than traditional methods 

Enhanced Comfort 

Excellent thermal, airtightness, air quality and heating systems 

Improving Well-being 

Improved natural light, indoor air quality, comfort and acoustics 


Everybody at Dynamic Build is connected on one platform to maintain quality and ultimately save both time and money. Our vertically integrated supply chain share our values and commitment to excellence customer service and project outcomes.  


Removing the barriers to innovation we constantly improve affordability, comfort, energy efficiency and the customer experience. Through data, technology and our people we retain the lessons learnt from today to improve what we do tomorrow.  


Our dynamic team pro-actively engages with the communities where we operate. We share skills and expertise with lectures to university students, spread site safety & construction messages to children and local resisdents and more. 


We are committed to continuing to limit the environmental impact of our work. Our offsite manufacturing approach reduces waste and vehicle emissions. We continue to invest in green and smart technology to help to restore the planet. 

Simplifying Construction 


Exceptional thermal, airtightness & durability 


Infinite designs, specifications & locations  


Rapid build, limited labour, less carbon & waste 

Let's get started! 

Modern methods of construction specialists | Leisure sector experience | Complete build solutions 





 Let's start our construction journey 

Let's start our construction journey 


Challenging the status quo 

Bespoke Offsite & Modular Buildings: Classrooms, Luxury Homes, Nursery, Specialist Building, P. E Department, Heritage Home 
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