Bespoke low energy structures


Our tried and tested kit of parts

Through our unique tried and tested "Kit of Parts" we deliver bespoke low energy structures at a level of speed and efficiency that is difficult to match.

Weathertight up to 50% faster than traditional methods

Any design, configuration, specification and location.

Solutions to meet BBA, LABC, NHBC, BREEAM & Passivhaus
Reduced Labour

Limited installation team required to assemble onsite

Reduced loads for foundations & rooftop extensions

Insulation to 0.10 u value & airtightness to 0.6 m3/hr/m2


Glulams (glue laminated timber) consists of multiple layers of timber bonded together to create a strong, attractive & lightweight structural element. We've utilised glulams to replace steel beams, lintels, within floor cassettes and to support cantilever roofs.

Hybrid structures

Hybrid Structures are revolutionising how to build with the ability to meet an infinite variety of designs, specifications and budgets.

Metal web joists

Metal web joists, also known as posi or open web joists, combine structural wood with steel webs to form a structural element for floors and roofs that outperforms traditional joists.


Our Structural Insulated Panel System is a high-performance structural solution that is widely used across construction. Our SIPs are manufactured in a high-quality manufacturing facility.


Steel has immense strength and provides additional design flexibility to support glazing, longer spans, floors, roofs and super strong windposts. When required we integrate the strength, stability and durability of steel with our timber engineered products to create large open and column free spaces.

Timber cassettes

Cassettes are a rapid and attractive alternative to installing floors and roofs loose onsite. Precision engineering and crane installation is typically required.

Timber frame

Modern timber frame systems are one of the most economical building systems and is widely utilised across the residential and education sectors.