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 Providing complete peace of mind 

From foundations to completion and beyond we accelerate construction, minimise disruption, reduce energy and whole life costs. 

Providing complete peace of mind 

Dynamic Build bring a wealth of experience and a "complete delivery" approach to delivering offsite and modular buildings. 

Design for Manufacture & Assembly  

Working digitally we optimise materials, simplify manufacture and assembly, reduce costs, improve safety and solve issues before starting onsite! 

Site Preparation 

We carefully prepare the site for the offsite manufactured systems, with our site managers overseeing the required site works. 

Offsite Manufacturing 

Flexibility is the key! We manufacture timber, steel, SIPs, volmetric and hybrid systems to meet the specific demands of each project.  

Rapid Installation 

We seamlessly bring together offsite manufacturing and onsite construction with the speed of installation surprising clients and the locals. 

Fast track Completion 

Our site activities are co-ordinated by our project managers and monitored by our site managers to ensure on time delivery and exceptional quality. 

Efficient Operating 

Our Nextgen System records real time data that helps to reduce running costs and optimise the energy efficiency and management of your building. 

 Let's start our construction journey 

Let's start our construction journey 


Challenging the status quo 

Client specific modern method of construction buildings: Nursery, Classrooms & Specialist Learning Buildings, Homes & Sports Buildings 

Dynamic Results! 

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