Optimising Construction 

Our ‘real world’ experiences as an offsite delivery partner, contractor and developer uniquely positions our team to manage the interfaces and relationships across the project lifecycle. 

MMC Project Integators 

We bring together architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, installers, construction and project teams to work efficiently as one team with shared purpose, goals and outcomes. 

Design (DfMA) 

Architects and design teams on major projects typically have the experience and resources to optimise MMC projects. 
We add exceptional value on projects where an MMC specialist is required to bridge the gap between the design, materials, kit of parts and other MMC elements. 


We provide access to a range of accredited components and systems to ensure that we deliver the best for client solutions. 
Our team are well versed in utilising the dynamic kit of parts to construct nursery buildings, schools and homes with a range of design, layouts, scale and finishes. 


We integrate the offsite and onsite construction activities to deliver new places and spaces with the full benefits of building with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). 


Our commitment to building with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) has delivered a diverse range of projects with our flexible kit of parts, expertise and experience pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 

Let's get started! 

It is easy to contact us through our contact form or you can put a call through to our dynamic team. 
Telephone: 0121 724 0099 
Do you have drawings to send for review?  
Email: info@dynamicbuilduk.com 
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