Building Better 

Our Design for Manufacture & Assembly process optimises the manufacture, simplifies the assembly and construction with improved operational performance. 

Dynamic Digital Tools 

Through our cutting edge digital tools we model every structural component, interface, connection and fixing detail to design out inefficiency and deliver the best possible outcomes. 

Transforming Construction 

We optimise the approved designs by digitally constructing elements of a building in a design and manufacturing environment to: improve certainty, safety, quality, whole life value, carbon and energy use. 

Digital Platform  

Connecting each stage of project delivery to our digital design improves the procurement, manufacturing, construction and operation of homes and buildings: 
value for money  
improved certainty 
enhanced performance 
increased sustainability 


We successfully use DfMA to deliver buildings that meet architectural designs more quickly, efficiently and safely. 

Dynamic Design 

"We believe that design is more than aesthetics and spaces it's how a building feels and performs, it's how the components come together, the flexibility to adapt to change in the future and more! 
Gavin Wilkes - Dynamic Build Group 

Let's get started! 

It is easy to contact us through our contact form or you can put a call through to our dynamic team. 
Telephone: 0121 724 0099 
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