Heritage Home

A thatched roof on an offsite manufactured home in a blink of an eye…really!

Dynamic Build UK has helped a family turn around a faltering project with an innovative offsite manufactured solution.


The client had originally instructed a local builder to complete this project, but, time became an issue when the contractor took possession of the site and progressed slowly with no processes or ideas on how to deliver this complexed build.

The pinch point arrived when it became clear that the thatcher booked projects with up to 14 months notice and if the structure was not in place the project would be significantly delayed.   

Dynamic Build UK had 6 weeks to correct the foundations, manufacture and install the offsite manufactured structure and to fit the specialist fireproof thatch system.


This stunning home required a lot more than a standardised offsite structure solution, we worked with our specialist offsite manufactured structure division (Dynamic Offsite) to integrate an hybrid structure with the traditional foundations and a thatched roof.

Gavin Wilkes, Director said: “We are delighted with the results of our efforts on this completed residential project. The flexibility our approach ensured that we could select the optimum build method to achieve the architecturally challenging design and the demands of linking old to new. Our project management skills was also key with this been the first experience of modern methods of construction for many of the clients team”. 

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