840 m2 roof structure installed in 18 hours!

Dynamic Offsite rooftop education structure progresses at speed

Dynamic Offsite make light work of installing nearly 840 m2 of roof cassettes on education build.The selection of large format roof cassettes is becoming more frequent on our builds particularly with the ability to cover large open spans areas and meet the demands of a live school environment.

Our roof cassette strategy was based upon:

  • repetitive design to simplify manufacture, delivery and installation
  • precision manufactured in our offsite facility
  • loading of cassettes sequentially on to trailer to speed up installation
  • deliveries scheduled to reduce crane downtime and maintain available space on tight site
  • sequence of works developed to fast track lifting, positioning and moving on to next cassette

More on timber cassettes
Elsewhere, we offer a range of cassette solutions for ground and intermediate floors in addition to roof applications. 

Our timber cassettes are designed and manufactured to suit the requirements of each build, with the option of an “open” or “closed” cassette:

  • “open” is typically i-joists or solid joists with a decking material in the form of OSB or Plywood
  • “closed” is typically as per the open cassette with membrane, insulation between the joists and OSB on the underside

If you would like more information on the Dynamic Build UK approach please call 0121 272 7457 or email info@dynamicbuilduk.com

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