Our Offsite Services

Dynamic Build UK utilise the latest in offsite construction techniques to deliver innovative building solutions with well-being, environmental and economical benefits.

We utilise the specialist resources, experience and technical knowledge gained from delivering market leading offsite solutions to seamlessly deliver watertight structures, complete building envelopes or turnkey solutions. 
√  Assist with land acquistion
√  Architectural design service
√  Planning Application (if required)
√  Building Regulations
√  Professional construction team
√  High quality specification
√  No hidden costs
√  Approved building systems
√  10 year building warranty


 Our low energy windows are available in a wide range of styles and colours.  Importantly, we ensure that the windows are manufactured to fit perfectly into the walls.

Roof Coverings

We supply the full spectrum of roofing systems ranging from heritage roof coverings through to the latest high performance systems with long guarantees.


If your working with modern, fast external finishes we will have just the solution for you.  Please enquire about our stunning, modern cladding systems.

Our mission

Dynamic Build UK simplifies the use of offsite construction to deliver client specific solutions with time, well-being, economical and environmental benefits.

Our vision

"Is to grow our business through low energy, sustainable and rapid offsite solutions that save our clients time and money”

Our team is trained both internationally and locally, so they understand your needs and the environment in which you do business. 


Structural Insulate Panels (SIPs) are a high performance building system that creates airtight and highly sustainable structures with exceptional energy efficiency. 


Modern construction technology has resulted in improved hybrid timber systems that push the speed, flexibility, low energy and sustainable benefits to new levels.


Our modular buildings are quick to build, flexible and an improvement upon the standard modular buildings that you see at schools, building sites, offices and elsewhere. 



Our structural engineers fully understand working with both offsite and onsite construction. We simply design and engineer the optimum systems for your project. 

We work with industry leading and respected engineers who provide independent analysis and solutions that satisfy the latest building regulation standards.

Dynamic Build UK work with our engineers to ensure that the designs are as practical, cost effective and quick to build.

Offsite manufacturing

We manufacture our market leading offsite building systems here in the UK within modern manufacturing facilities. 

Our offsite manufactured structures are either  
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) or hybrid timber.

The flexibility to select the building system that provides the maximum benefit to our clients on a project by project basis provides significant benefits for ourselves and our clients.


Once the foundations are completed and signed off by Building Control we deliver your offsite manufactured structure ready for a rapid installation.
Our experienced and highly trained installation teams then erect your structure onsite.  We are well versed in completing the rapid and safe installation of the structure to exacting tolerances.

Onsite activities

  • Groundworks and drainage
  • Foundations
  • Roof coverings
  • External windows and doors
  • External wall finishes
  • Landscaping

Latest Projects

A glimpse of our latest projects from across the Dynamic Build UK group


Requirement: A BREEAM standard quick build solution with a straightforward project delivery.

Solution:  The hybrid timber structure, cladding, windows and doors completed onsite in 1 week with the nursery fully operational.


Requirement: A simple approach to construction with a rapid programme and low u-values.

Solution:  The hybrid timber structure with high performance insulation, airtightness and vapour control systems was installed in 4 days.


Requirement: Speed of build, a low energy structure and a specialist fireboard system for a thatched roof.

Solution: The hybrid timber structure was installed in 2 days prior to the high performance insulation, vapour control and airtightness systems.

Advanced offsite structures

Innovative offsite manufactured structures through a fully integrated service. We deliver both SIPs and hybrid timber structures.


Eco offsite homes

Utilising advanced offsite technology to build healthy, low energy and sustainable homes, extensions and garden buildings that are quick to build.
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