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Inspired recreational spaces

We believe that creating new buildings is a privilege and we can transform peoples lives through a rapid build, lower energy bills and dynamic spaces. 

We’re passionate about modern methods of construction we understand it, we enjoy it and we’ve proved that we are very good at it!


Our team are modern method of construction pioneers with 30+ years of market leading experience.   We take pride in sharing our experiences with dynamic results.

Efficient Build

We work collaboratively with you to select the optimum system and provide the maximum time, cost and efficiency benefits from modular and offsite construction methods

Quality Guaranteed

Our systems are both market leading and independently accredited.  We build to the highest quality which is supported by our building guarantees.

 Maximising offsite construction

Up to 70% faster to build

A rapid manufacture and installation programme will significantly reduce your project timescales.

Up to 90% less disruption

Our advanced offsite manufacturing reduces the number of deliveries and personnel required onsite. 

Up to 80% saving in heating 

Our "fabric first" approach maximises the insulation and airtightness which reduces the demand for heating.

100% programme certainty

Guaranteed manufacturing and installation timescales which are not affected by bad weather. 

Unique service

We design, engineer, supply and install leading modular and offsite manufactured systems which we integrate with approved systems to deliver complete build solutions. Our ability to complete the architectural design based upon working with modern methods of construction from day one results in a unique service with the optimum result for our clients. 
√  Architectural design service
√  Planning Application 
√  Building Regulations
√  Professional construction team
√  Completed within weeks
√  Transparent online system 
√  No hidden costs
√  Approved building systems
√  10 year building guarantee

Flexible sports and leisure environments

Complete Build Solution

We understand your budget, aspirations, timescales and other key parameters, prior to selecting a building system and presenting the optimum solution.

We can simplify your entire construction experience with a rapid, affordable route to an offsite manufactured building with inspired results.

Interested in a free project review?

Are you interested in how Dynamic Build UK can help you?  We offer a free no obligation project review to discover what benefits we can bring to your build.

Feel free to complete the form and please attach any drawings, plans or even sketches that you have available. 

Our initial review will cover:
  • indication of costs and project timescales
  • highlight the advantages we can bring to the build 
  • any opportunities to reduce risk, costs and time

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