Transforming lifestyles

We believe that building homes is a privilege and we can transform the lifestyle of people across the UK through an effortless build, reduced carbon emissions and dynamic living spaces. 

We’re passionate about offsite construction methods, we understand it, we enjoy it and we’ve proved that we are very good at it!

Flexible residential solutions

We manufacture, supply and install leading structural insulated panels (SIPs) and hybrid timber systems. We also supply and install  approved building systems that interact with the offsite manufactured structure to form the foundations, windows, roof coverings and external cladding.

 Maximising offsite construction

Our client focused approach, market leading experience and understanding of both offsite and onsite construction ensures that you will experience the full benefits of offsite construction.

Up to 70% faster to build

A rapid manufacture and installation programme will significantly reduce your project timescales.

Up to 90% less disruption

Our advanced offsite manufacturing reduces the number of deliveries and personnel required onsite. 

Up to 80% less energy use

We adopt a fabric first approach to maximise the structure performance and increase energy efficiency.

100% programme certainty

Guaranteed manufacturing and installation timescales which are not affected by bad weather. 

An offsite manufactured structure is only part of the solution!

Typically, the major challenges with an offsite construction projects is integrating the structure with the foundations, windows and roof covering, incorrect early decisions leading to delays, additional costs and stress and a slow, traditional build mindset verse the speed and precision of modern methods of construction.

If your confident that you can piece together the offsite construction puzzle and simply require a structure only, we have a specialist division that can help you at 

If you still with us and require more than a simple structure solution then we are with you every step of the way. Our approach results in a rapid, a stress free build and no risk of additional costs.  Our dynamic advanced offsite solutions provide either a building envelope or complete build solution.
Building envelope: you require a rapid weathertight building, ready for you to complete the internals, externals and services. 

Includes:   foundations (optional), offsite manufactured structure, windows, roof covering and cladding (optional).
Complete Build: we complete the full construction phase.

Includes: the standard and optional building envelope items plus plumbing, electrics, internal fittings, drainage, services and pretty much whatever else is required.

Latest Projects

A glimpse of our latest projects from across the Dynamic Build UK group

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Interested in a free project review?

Are you interested in how Dynamic Build UK can help you?  We offer a free no obligation project review to discover what benefits we can bring to your build.

Feel free to complete the form and please attach any drawings, plans or even sketches that you have available. 

Our initial review will cover:
  • indication of costs and project timescales
  • highlight the advantages we can bring to the build 
  • any opportunities to reduce risk, costs and time

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