Our Dynamic Services

Dynamic Build UK deliver fast-track, high quality and comprehensive building solutions that utilise the latest in modular and offsite construction technology.


We can complete a free no obligation visual site survey and consultation to confirm your exact requirements.

Engaging with you early in the process allows us to maximise the benefits of offsite construction.  

Design & Engineering

Our state of the art CAD detailing software ensures that the offsite manufactured structure is designed  specifically for your project.

Our structural engineers fully understand working with both offsite and onsite construction. We simply design and engineer the optimum systems for your project.

We provide full detailed manufacturing and construction drawings in addition to structural calculations.


The substructure works is vitally important particularly when the structure is manufactured offsite.  
Our foundation systems range from traditional foundations to eco and modern foundation systems.
We solve any interface issues, co-ordinate activities and ensure that the works are completed to match the offsite structures full requirements.


We manufacture market leading building systems here in the UK within modern manufacturing facilities. 

Our offsite manufactured systems are either  
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), hybrid timber or modular volumetric systems.

The flexibility to select the building system that provides the maximum benefit to our clients on a project by project basis has significant advantages.  


Our experienced and highly trained installation teams then erect your structure onsite.  We are well versed in completing the rapid and safe installation of the structure to exacting tolerances.

We have the option to install by hand on smaller projects with tight access or sites and on larger projects we install with either a telehandler or a crane. 


Our skilled and trained labour and trades rapidly complete the onsite works to complete your building in the quickest possible time.

We select our onsite teams based upon experience, high levels of workmanship and customer service.  Our people who complete the all important finishes will support our client friendly approach.
Dynamic Build UK utilise the latest in offsite construction techniques and combine our significant offsite and onsite construction skills to plan, co-ordinate and project manage our works to seamlessly deliver your new building or extension.

Simplicity reduces risk

We complete the entire build which eliminates the risk of miscommunication and additional costs from delays or errors.

Project management

We co-ordinate and manage our activities to ensure that our works run smoothly, which allows you to focus on other areas.


Our processes result in planning the build early in the project and confirming that we can build what you envisage long before we start on site.

Less stress

Our single point of contact removes the need for you to learn on the build with numerous contractors requiring frequent instructions.
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