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Our Dynamic Services

Dynamic Build UK deliver fast-track, high quality and comprehensive turnkey solutions that utilise the latest in offsite construction technology to deliver fast track, low energy buildings across England and Wales.

Our complete turnkey service

Architectural Design

Optional service

Looking for ideas on how to create a dynamic building or extension?  Worried about cost control?  Want to design for speed, cost efficiency, sustainability and style without increasing your costs?

We can help to answer these questions and more! 
Permitted development vs planning permission?
How do building regulations work?
How much will it cost and how long will it take? 


The substructure works is vitally important particularly when the structure is manufactured offsite.  
Our foundation systems range from traditional foundations to eco and modern foundation systems.
We solve any interface issues, co-ordinate activities and ensure that the works are completed to match the offsite structures full requirements.


We supply and install leading offsite manufactured systems that are installed quickly onsite.  

The flexibility of our offering ensures that we can install on large open sites, tight confined sites and even on top of existing buildings.

Our experienced and trained installation teams hold all of the required certifications and are well versed in completing the rapid and safe installation of our offsite manufactured structures.

Weathertight building

Our detailed project planning and seamless project programme results in the cladding and roof finishes to be completed in very little time.

We provide total design freedom and architectural flair in the external finishes.  The cladding, roof covering, roof style and all other features will be delivered exactly to your requirements.


The internal fitting out is completed simultaneously with the external finishes which assists with achieving our fast track programmes.

Again the speed of our work will not impact flexibility or quality!  We order materials specifically for each project so that you can select the fittings that match you expectations and exact requirements.

We handover the completed building with building control approval and full guarantees and warranties.
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